Parents, does this sound like you?

Applying to college is so different from when I applied!

Yes, the process is complex. I will simplify it for your student, creating a step-by-step plan for success.

I don't know which colleges would be good for my child.

My experience visiting hundreds of colleges, my academic background, and my work getting to know your student will enable me to develop a "great fit" list unique to your student.

I'm afraid the college application process will be stressful for my family.

I remove that stress by providing an organized, systematic approach that will help your student grow along the journey to college. I enable you to adopt the role of cheerleader!

ACT? SAT? Help!!!

I help students discover their better test and recommend a testing schedule designed to maximize performance. For families wanting test prep, I am able to recommend providers with a proven track record.

My student has no idea what to study in college.

I will undertake personality and aptitude testing with your student, then discuss potential majors. The college list is usually developed with at least a couple of majors in mind, unless your student is already laser-focused.

I don't know how to make college affordable.

Every family has different priorities. If yours is affordability, I will guide your student to colleges that award the most scholarship money to students who share a similar academic profile with your student.

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