Kids at school say they know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. I don't.

I will help you find potential careers that will suit your personality, talents, and interests. You don't have to decide the rest of your life now, just take the first steps down a path.

I am really confused about the SAT and ACT, whether I should take both, and how many times.

Students typically do better at one test or the other. I'll help you find your better test (or whether test-optional schools are right for you) and plan the timing of your tests with you.

Managing the college application process looks like it will be overwhelming!

We will use Custom College Plan to manage your journey to college. You'll see what each application requires (including essay topics) as well as college reviews and statistics on admission, all in one place.

My friends all want to go to College X or College Y. I want something different.

I will find you "great fit" colleges based on your personality, learning style, and what you're looking for in a college experience. Then I'll guide you to create an application that shows who you really are and why you fit.

I'm not sure what high school classes to take or what activities I should do. What's important?

High school classes, being a good community member, and developing intellectual curiosity: together we will work to find the right combination for you.

I am really worried about how much college will cost.

If cost is your priority, your college list will be aimed at reducing cost. Also, all lists I develop for students contain schools with a track record of good return on investment (ROI). Students are more likely to repay student loans when graduating from a good ROI college.




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Where have my students been admitted?


From Alaska Bible College to Yale University... 

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A 45-minute session with parent(s) and student to talk about goals and how I can help.