What I Do


The student is the focus

Every student is unique; an important part of my curriculum is getting to know the student so he or she can best portray their story in the college application process. Understanding the student takes time and cannot be accomplished on an hourly fee basis. 

I have designed an impactful curriculum based on my professional knowledge and experience. I work through my curriculum individually with the student.  

Personality and aptitude testing

Students complete online personality and aptitude tests in order to gain insight into potential great-fit college settings and careers.

Career and major advising

My approach to career and major advising meets the student where they're at in their journey.  

No idea what to study in college? We will determine some potential majors based on personality, aptitudes, and interests.

Sometimes students know exactly what they want to study, but it's always good to have a back-up plan!

Standardized test planning

SAT or ACT? How many tests? When should tests be taken? I advise students based on their strengths and goals.  

I do not offer test preparation as it is highly specialized work.  I am able to recommend test prep organizations whose results I trust.

"Great-fit" college list development

I develop a great-fit college list based on my knowledge of the student, his or her goals, and a range of criteria we determine together. I provide data on each college and access to an incredible online college planning tool to help manage the college selection and application process. To see the hundreds of colleges I've visited, click here.

College application advising

I help the student understand what college admissions staff members are looking for in an applicant. Next, I guide the student through the application process, helping to show the student in the best light. When admissions decisions have arrived, I assist families in their decision making by using important return on investment indicators.